Instructions For Shipping Without The GoldExpress Kit

If you would like to ship us your gold without the GoldExpress Kit, please follow these instructions below to send us your items.

Shipping Information:

Please be sure to send your items to us via CANADA POST BY AN INSURABLE and “SIGNATURE REQUIRED” method. We cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail because of improper shipping. We recommend using Canada Post XpressPost parcel service which has insurance coverage of up to $100 is included in the price. You are responsible for purchasing additional insurance if necessary.

Search for your old, unwanted gold that you want to sell. We will accept pretty much anything as long as it is real gold (8k-24k). Typical gold markings include:

North American:

8k, 9k, 9kt, 9ct, 10k, 10kt, 10KP, 14k, 14kt, 18k, 18kt, 22k, 22kt, 24k, 24kt


333, 375, 417, 585, 750, 916, 999

We do no purchase “plated gold”. If you have any items with the following markings, please do not include them with your shipment to us:

  • GE or GF – Gold Filled | RGP – Rolled Gold Plate | EPNS – Electroplated Nickel Silver | HGE – Heavy Gold Plate | GS – Gold Shell | GP – Gold Plate

These markings will be found after the hallmark such as this 10k GF. This is an example of something we would NOT purchase because the actual gold content is too small to have any market value.

We acid test all gold sent to us to ensure the quality of the gold. If you are unsure if your item is real gold, you may send us these types of items for testing. Our testing experts will be able to determine if the item is real gold and the exact karat value.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently buying gemstones and they will not be included in the weight of the gold. Please be sure to remove any stones in your jewelry that you wish to keep as we do not include these in the weight and purchase price of your gold. We cannot return stones once you have accepted our payout offer so again, please be sure to remove stones you wish to keep prior to sending.

Print off our Shipping/Payment form located here and fill in all the necessary information.

Pack your items and Shipping/Payment form securely in a manila envelope or cardboard box. When packing, we usually recommend using zip lock bags or packing paper (newspapers etc...) before inserting your items in the box or manila envelope.

Once you have your items and Shipping/Payment form packed, take your package to the nearest Post Office/Outlet using Canada Post Regular Parcel with signature required using adequate insurance coverage. Please send your package to the following address:

PO Box 5448
Victoria, BC
V8R 6S4

That's it! In a few days, we will receive your package and get to work immediately on inspecting your gold!

In about 1 business day of us receiving your package, we will send your payment via the method requested on your Shipping/Payment form!

The CashForGoldCanada Guarantee:

We offer extremely competitive pricing for your scrap items and are confident you will be happy with your payout. If for any reason you are unhappy in any way with the payment you received just have your cheque returned to us no later than twelve (12) days of the date on the cheque or send us back the payment we issued to you via Paypal/Interac transfer within twelve (12) days (whichever applies) and we will return the material you included in the GOLDExpress kit within fifteen (15) business days. No questions asked. This is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. After the twelve (12) day return period your items will be removed from our facility to be refined. If you are concerned that your returned cheque will not reach us in time, please let us know before the twelve (12) days have passed so that we hold your package for you. Please note that if you elect to have your items returned to you, a $15.00 shipping and handling charge will apply.

For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-805-2342 or via email at: support@cashforgoldcanada.com

We thank-you in advance for your business and look forward to sending your CASH PAYMENT in the next few days! 

Have any questions or need any assistance with your shipment?

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